Welcome to my Art and Design Blog

Welcome to my blog. It might have existed for a long time but I just edited it. Here I will try to post my art as I often do but will also try to include some insight into the piece and what I was thinking.


I can begin with my logo that you can see at the top of the blog. I wanted my branding to reflect my inner self so I decided to base it on my spirit animal, the peregrine falcon. I admire the contrast and sleekness of the peregrine falcon’s colours as well the way it hunts. I find the peregrine falcon looks passionate and fast.

Also, having the falcon look right at the viewer makes them feel engaged. It was important to me to have something minimalist for my design as I find when a logo has too many details it becomes hard to remember and distracts the viewer.


After I decided on the falcon for this logo, I then began sketching different options. I played with angles and even considered a full body just to see, but it reminded too much of other logos I have seen.

And that is the story of how I made my logo. If you liked reading this please find my online profiles:

Super Galactic Fox: